Your car maintenance is essential, and it’s your responsibility to do it. Failure to maintain your car will mean the gas mileage will be the victim and suffer. You risk a car breakdown when you fail to take your vehicle to an auto shop repair. Failure to fix simple breakdowns might be expensive in the end. It’s common when the involved part is a major one, for example, transmission or engine. Many people concentrate on rotating tires and changing the oil. Though it’s essential to do so, you need to track many other vital things. Here are the most overlooked procedures that will cost you later.

Cabin air filter

These filters deal with pollen and dust filtration that the ventilation system picks. If you reduce the piles in the cabin air filter, you will drive comfortably. If you frequently drive every day, you need to replace the filters often. Changing them after two years will give you a good drive if you don’t drive for long every day.

The coolant

After prolonged use of the antifreeze makes, it becomes more corrosive. You need to flush out the whole coolant. Fresh coolant maintains the system’s pH level. It prevents the coolant from reacting with the radiator, hose, and other metals. Cars have unique coolant change needs. Consult your owner manual to get how often you need to do the changes.

The brake fluid

You will not be able to stop your vehicle as fast as you need to if you lack the power braking system. It becomes hazardous when a car can’t break faster and at any time or place. Overusing the brake fluid for a longer time fills the break work with water. The water results from condensation, and your breaks will no longer work well. It’s essential to change your brake fluid anytime you service your brakes.

The fuel system

Clean fuel systems allow cars to keep the gas flowing to the engines. It increases fuel efficiency and power. Cleaning the fuel injectors and fuel system removes gunk residues. The cleaning should be after every 30,000 miles to keep longevity and peak performance.


The car transmission fluid keeps the milled gears of your transmission lubricated. It keeps them rolling smoothly and cool. With time, dirt and gunk can enter the transmission fluid leading to wear out and friction. Check your owner’s manual to see when to service your transmission system. You should do it before your vehicle clicks 100,00 miles.

Wheel alignment

While driving, do you feel your car pulling on one side? Can you spot uneven wear out in your tires? These are signs that your steering needs alignment, and you are in more danger if you don’t do it. The process is also very expensive. You need to have this service at least twice per year. You also do the same anytime you hit a big pothole accidentally or heat a bump very hard.


Your car differential is a gearbox at your vehicle’s rear. It transfers the driveshaft spinning motion into the motion that propels your vehicle. However, this service isn’t done often. It’s essential not to forget it. To be safe, you need to inspect your differential at 60,000 miles, and from then, you inspect it after every 30,000 miles.

Reginald Brooks