Thousands of snowbirds migrate from New York City to Miami in winter. It is long-distance travel [1285 km], so there is a need for vehicle transportation. If you are determined to drive then there are considerations like –

  • Rest stops
  • Stay overnight in a hotel
  • Meals
  • Traffic jam
  • Fuel cost

How can you forget the mental stress and challenges experienced while driving? It is wise and logical to choose a reliable transport company, which is also a challenging task.

People contact a transport company randomly from the Google search top list. It does not mean there is a guarantee that your shipping gets done correctly. You can come across transport companies with characteristics like –

  • Prices are hidden or no transparency in pricing
  • Don’t understand your timetable or deadline meanings
  • Give stupid reasons for not finding the best carrier [the agent placed a low price to earn more, which no carrier accepted and your move did not occur on the set date]

Tips to find a reliable auto transport company


The website looks so good and they rank top on Google does not define reliable and credible. On the internet, it is hard to find a company that cares about offering a good shipping experience. Ship a Car, Inc. is a top-rated Miami car Transport Company offering to and from shipping services from New York every month. Contact SACs transport coordinator and get information on your needs to ship a car to Miami.

Get familiar with what to expect

With an idea of the car transport process to Miami, you know what to expect.

  • The car will generally take more than 4 to 5 days from New York. In case, you reside upstate, it can add one day more to delivery. If you are close to Canada, then two days get added.
  • Drivers call one-day before pickup and delivery, so carry your mobile phone to avoid missing on the driver’s call. Sometimes, there can be delays between pickup & delivery windows but you will get upgraded. If you booked with an agent then stay connected with them for updates.
  • Door-to-door service can be misleading. The trucks are 75 feet long, so they can hardly be driven across small streets. Besides certain streets have weight limits and there can be tree limbs hanging low, which can prevent access. So, expect to meet the trucker at a location near your house for pickup & delivery.
  • Expect delays because the trucks travel miles and can break down. Understand that drivers are also keen to deliver your car soon because their paychecks depend on the payments you make. Delays can be due to climate, illness, or mechanical issues.

Determine the carrier type for car shipping to Miami

Car insurance does not cover road hazards, which are flying objects on the road that damage your car. Your car is on a trailer the chances of road hazards are less, but it happens. Open carriers are less expensive but enclosed trucks offer more protection to exposure. As your car will travel a long distance, it is worth to pay more.

Reginald Brooks