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How to Preserve your Car Engine and Prolong the Life of your Car

Your car is nothing without an engine. If your engine is in good working order, it will help you save money and prevent your vehicle from overheating or drying at a busy intersection. If something is wrong with your engine, take your car to Highline Car Care.

 A car engine is composed of many small components that work together to provide power to your car. It should be routinely maintained to prevent any future issues. Below are some ways to preserve your car engine:

Change the Oil

Oil becomes murky and sticky with time and use. In this condition, the oil can no longer offer adequate lubrication to your engine that your car needs to work smoothly. Make sure to check and change the oil every 3-6 months. If you are not sure when to change the oil, check the owner’s manual or consult a professional from a reputable auto repair shop.

Clean the Engine

It is necessary to keep your engine free of dust, debris, and dirt. While your car travels on the road, it is exposed to the elements. Over time, dust can make its way inside the engine and clog the filters. Also, pests and insects can build their home in your car. Ensure the engine is not slathered in grease as it will be bard to cool it down quickly, resulting in overheating. A reputable auto repair company will recommend a degreasing agent to clean your engine’s outer part. To clean out dirt, dust, and debris from around the casing of the engine, a vacuum may also be used.

Clean or Replace Spark Plugs

Cleaning the spark plugs will help in keeping debris out of the combustion chamber. Your local auto repair company can perform a thorough spark plug service. When cleaning the spark plugs, they will remove the plug lead and the plug, clean around it, and brush away any particle that has built up.

Get a Radiator Coolant Flush

A cooling system flush must be a part of your normal car maintenance routine. Although engine parts can easily rust, flushing the coolant regularly can prevent this. This will help your car engine run better and perform smoother on the road.

If you notice that something is wrong with your engine, make an appointment with your local auto repair company right away. What could have been a simple fix may become a more complex problem if you keep your engine unchecked.