It’s nothing new that scammers keep on inventing unique and often innovative methods to trick common people. One of the common scams is called the car wrap scam. What’s it all about? In this post, we are sharing all the details!

What’s a car wrap scam?

All car wrap scams promise easy money, where you shrink wrap your vehicle with ads of known brands, and the company offering the “deal” ask you to deposit a check in return. It sounds like a good deal, isn’t it? Except that this is a common skin. In most cases, these car wrap scams are featured across job boards, often targeting young professionals and college-going students, who are looking for quick money. In some cases, emails and messages are sent directly to people.

How does it work?

The scamming company will claim that you can make some money through the offer. They will send you a check and tell you to deposit the same. You will be asked to keep your “share” and wire the rest to another company that will come to shrink wrap your car. Only after you have wired the money to the so-called vendor, you will come to know that the check was fake and has bounced. Besides gaining no money at all, you have lost the wired money and your bank will hold you responsible for depositing a fake check.

How to spot such scams?

Spotting car wrap scams is not hard at all. In fact, any offer that asks you to deposit a check and insists on getting a wired transfer immediately to another account is a scam, beyond any doubt. Think of this – There are companies that pays for sharing their ads or for car wrapping, but if they had to do it legitimately, they will pay the vendor directly for ad placement, instead of asking the customer for a wired transfer.

Final word

Don’t fall for car wrap scams. This kind of scams has caused massive damage to often unsuspecting people, young adults, who are in need of money and would do anything to get some quick bucks. There is nothing called easy money, and if someone is asking for money to make money for you, that’s definitely a red flag. Inform others and beware of such scams, because being proactive about new scams is the best way to avoid a trap. Just keep an eye on how scammers operate.

Ellie Max